Thursday, January 29, 2015

Crow Hunting - Bounty Hunters

By Walter Scott

One day last week, my son, Damon, called me at work and asked if I would get an owl decoy for him while I was in town. “Sure,” I said just assuming every store in town carried plastic owls. The search was not as easy as I expected. The sporting goods store was fresh out. The hardware store would not be getting more until spring. By the time I got to the last farm supply store I asked, “Do you have any owls?” By this time I was thinking they would know exactly what I was talking about, since I had already discussed it with everyone else in town. The clerk gave me a rather quizzical look while glancing about for an escape route in case I became violent. I quickly clarified my request explaining I wanted a plastic owl decoy. She seemed relieved and I bought what I think is the last owl in town.

When I met up with Damon that evening, he explained he had discovered a new sport, crow hunting. I hated to break it to him, though crow hunting was new to him, it was by far from a new shooting sport.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Crow Shooting with raptor decoys Video

Raptor decoys are the most common predator decoys on the UK market, they come in a variety of different sizes and species, the most common being eagle owls, peregrines and little owls. These all produce the same effect when used in the right situation. My eagle owl decoy in this video relies on their natural instinct, as crows will still see it as a threat, despite no eagle owls being present in the local area.

There are numerous ways to deploy raptor decoys in the field. Although I have used them in fields, I find they are better when elevated off the ground as they are visible from a greater distance and will naturally sit on fence posts or in trees. A common trick I have used with my owl decoy is to set up on the crows' flightline early in the morning before they have left the roost.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Extreme Crow Hunting Video - Wisconsin

Winter crow hunting in wisconsin, a fun way to keep up your shooting in the off season.