Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Crow Hunting: How to Set-up, Call, & Clean Video


Crow hunting can be a blast for all ages. Understanding the nature and language of crows can significantly improve your chances of a successful crow hunt. Crows are very smart but they do operate in a pattern of behavior. Understanding this pattern of behavior can give you an advantage and put you right into the center of action. Here a few crow hunting tips that will help you be successful: 1.) Start by finding a good location on the side of a field that gives you a good vantage point for setting up crow decoys and cover to shoot. 2.) Having your crow decoys out in an open and clean field where the crows can see them gives the crows a sense of security that allows them to come in close to joint the fight. Crows have very good eyesight so hunters need to be in full camo and under cover. 3.) Proper setup of crow decoys is key. You need to put two crows that are fighting in the middle surrounded by other crows watching. Also, having a "lookout" crow clipped up in a tree gives your whole set-up a crazy real look that will fool crows every time! 4.) Supercharge your crow calling! Add as many hand calls as possible to your electronic crow calling. Simultaneous mouth and electronic calling adds realism to the whole setup that crows can't resist! Make sure you completely camouflage your electronic crow call because anything that causes suspicion will keep them from coming in...and believe me, they are looking! 5.) Understand how crows operate and respond. Crows are very vocal, very territorial, and great listeners. They have incredible eyesight, hearing, and sense of surrounding. They will hear your calling from a long distance and respond immediately, so be ready. They will first send a scout to check things out (don't be tempted to shoot the scout). When he sees the decoys (and especially the "lookout" crow lifted high on a branch) he will signal to the other crows to come over and join the fight. They will usually circle around before coming in. All this said, and as you will see in this video, sometimes they all come at once ready to fight! If you take the time to find the right location with the right crow decoy setup and you understand a little about crow culture then you are headed for success! Knowing and implementing these few tips can fill an afternoon full of hunting fun. In this video, Preston will show you how to quickly and easily clean a crow. If you are brave enough you can test your culinary skills at making them tasty! Some people eat them! They aren't my favorite but they are edible. Just my opinion but there's a reason for the old saying "eating crow". Hope you enjoy! Thanks for watching! Hope this video gets you outdoors enjoying God's beautiful creation and enjoying some good crow hunting. 


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